MyVan Lead

The lead generation lands to the state of the art

Each customer can easily find his specific business among a list of the most common business activities for light commercial vehicles. Just a simple click to be leaded directly in a dedicated flow process where he can find everything for his daily needs: the right products, the right conversion, the right accessories, the nearest dealership, the salesman’s direct contacts, the best value for money.

MyVan Pro

The complexity turns into semplicity

To find the right conversion that, a the same time, meets the customer business needs and satisfies a large amount of complex rules and constraints is a very tricky problem for everyone, even for the more experienced ones.
Thanks to a calculation engine licensed at European level, buildability and compatibility are automatically detected taking into the right account each constraint and the whole technical guidelines. We make the “dirty work” for you.
The web app My Van Pro allows the outfitter to provide the right solution for the customer just answering to a very easy-to-use bidding on line, directly on his smartphone.

MyVan Manager

The complete professional quotation for each kind of customer

The new cutting edge professional listing platform allows to customize and print-out a complete quotation for each kind of customer, including the right vehicle, the right conversion, body painting, interior linings, options, after market accessories, services, fares. Thanks to the technology used and the processes adopted, the web app MyVan Manager can be interfaced to any external platform, in order to import, export or exchange data and information, avoiding typing mistakes and wasting time.

MyVan Analysis

The powerful dashboard to analyze and control the business activity

Data, numbers and results in real-time, the new border of the business is the powerful control. MyVan Analysis is the web platform, optimize for tablets, intended to have the most useful statistics wisely collected in interactive charts and tables.
The business activity and the dealer network performances always at your disposal at a glance, in order to arrange the fastest right reaction without waiting for the end of the month.

The sales process management

Optimized sales process to maximize the business results

For each actor engaged in the sales process, we provide the right tool on the right device.
The most effective process to maximize the sales, improve the reaction time and get the best customer satisfaction.

Data processing and calculation engines 

External tailor made API to provide the right data at the right time

We have a large database of the most important LCV brands in Europe (14 brands) and a huge database of the most common European conversions in 7 countries, included the historical pricing trends.
Thanks to our algorithm, we are able to evaluate with the utmost precision and punctuality the right value of a used vehicle and its conversion, according to its material, technical features, use and maintenance conditions, certifications, etc…
Following the specific needs of the Customer, we can create tailor made API to provide the right data at the right time, in every language or support.